Interesting Facts About the Album

  • There are 77 portraits in the album. Almost 100 people are pictured.
  • Only one candid photo appears in the album. It is believed to be a photograph of Fannie, her cousin Thomas Williams and two friends, one of whom may be pictured in the album as a little girl.
  • Five non-portraits appear in the album. Three of them relate to the death of William Keene, Fannie’s husband who died in 1887.
  • Most portraits appear to have been made in the mid-1870s to the late-1880s.
  • Several portraits date back to the 1860s meaning they are more than 150 years old.
  • At least five people appear more than once.
  • George Peak, one of Fannie’s husbands, may appear in the album three times, which is more than anyone else in the album, including Fannie.
  • There are almost 30 children pictured.
  • Only 13 portraits have some sort of inscription.
  • Only one inscription on a portrait mentions Fannie by name.
  • Only three portraits have a date of some sort.
  • Thirty-two portraits have a studio location and/or photographer’s mark.
  • While most of the portraits are of African-Americans, we know of at least one African-born individual and several Native Americans pictured.
  • Two famous people are pictured in the album: Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant and Mary Elizabeth Scripps, whose husband, John Locke Scripps was authorized by Abraham Lincoln to write his biography in 1860.
  • Two portraits have an inscription telling when the person died.
  • The number of descendants of those pictured in the album
    could be well over a thousand.