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About Waiting to Be Found

The book Waiting to Be Found: The Lost Treasure of Fannie Keene is about the people pictured in a 19th century photograph album owned by a former slave named Fannie. 

My mother and I began the research together in 2003 part time using the few clues we were provided to try and identify who these people were. Few images bore an inscription and more often than not we were left with only the clothing they wore as a clue.

Fannie was born in Harvey, Mississippi in 1842 and lived to be 83 years old. Over a period of approximately 60 years she amassed a collection of nearly 80 photographs, mostly of other African-Americans. Nearly 100 people are pictured.

About the Authors

Sixty years after Fannie’s death my mother* and I purchased Fannie’s album at an auction, nearly 1,000 miles away from where Fannie and the others lived. Coupling our great love of Black history, a good mystery along with our extensive and well-honed skills in the are of Black genealogy, research, and technology we share what we learned about many of those pictured in Fannie’s album.

*My mother passed away in October 2007 before we could finish the book together. I could not have finished our book without her loving spirit as my ever-present guide and inspiration.

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